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Jennifer has great wisdom and was accommodating with my schedule. Noomii did a great job with referring her. I look forward in continuing our journey together.

UPDATE: I've been a client of Jennifer's for over a year and she has helped me accomplish goals I never imagined were possible! I love her kindness, humility, and biblical wisdom. I recommend anyone seeking coaching to give her a try, you won't go wrong.


Jen has been really great to work with as she helps with balancing the different areas of life, shifting mindset beliefs that need to be changed, and providing practical tips and resources for improving all areas of life including finances. She helps with developing new and helpful perspectives and strategies in life and for future planning.


My experience with Jennifer was an incredible blessing. She provided help with setting up financial and business goals and working out some past hurts. By taking her advice, I moved past some obstructions to my destiny. I will highly recommend her if you desire to move ahead in life.

Sarah (Property Manager, MD), May 13, 2021

Your determined optimism and belief in others (seeing the best and encouraging them) is one huge aspect of your life. You always point others to possibilities. God bless you abundantly.


2nd review: I did not realize how much this would benefit me in my business and personal life. This coaching is very much needed for anyone who wants to achieve more and need some accountability and help with getting unstuck. The gains you will get are definitely worth it.

Sarah (Property Manager, MD), December 15, 2022

Jennifer spoke to our company at a lunch and learn during a time when we were in the midst of the pandemic. She was able to virtually help us better understand self care and wellness. Each person attending didn't want our time to end due to all the helpful information Jennifer presented. I know I was better off after our time together.

Anna O. (Software Tester, MD), June 14, 2023

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